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All That I Can Tell You
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Navajo National Monument, AZ

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All That I Can Tell You

As it was, is and shall be...

Navajo National Monument, AZ, June 15, 2009 Author: JMichael

Dear Carrie,

On occasion, unexpected information stimulates an appropriate channel in our visual cortex. This sympathetic arrangement reconnects our consciousness to a long forgotten place in our heart. As we read the words, we see our own life reflected in their meaning. What message did we request and is this the answer?

I love you,


The Void... Know that the sites sacred, built at specific intervals upon your planet, are amping up to a frequency response in answer to the cosmic changes. It is vital to know that the new frequencies are acting as portals to the infinite and that these sites are in the process of harmonizing. On a certain date in the year 2018, there will be a full harmonization of the pyramids across your planet. We will bring you more of this as it is appropriate or necessary.

It was... Know that events from now forward in the coming few years will escalate and intensity will occur in and around you at times. It is that if you do not create resistance, your experiences will be of an extremely positive nature. There will be a seven-month period in which he energies will flow in such a positive form and frequency that your vibrational escalation can leap and arc into higher and more intricate frequency sets without some of the usual steps in escalation being necessary. In other words, your frequencies, your vibrations, as you call it, can rise uninhibited and your experiences are a leap of escalation of your very being in relation to all other things.

It is... You must know that you have requested of the Universe, a great shift that would change your world. It is so and it has begun. You must also know that there is never change without chaos. Consider whatever chaos you encounter to be a grand sign that the shifting is moving into full swing. To ease the way during these times, do not be reactive but rather intentional. Be of care in what you intend, as it will be so and that reality will contain the doubts and fears that you sent with your message of creation. Create from your heart of hearts in such a way that you bring to your experience only that which you truly desire.Do not focus on what was because it is lost in the changes.Know that what is is all that matters.

Ever it shall be... Know that you have chosen optimal times to occupy human form and to experience a vast depth of awareness, emotion and physicality. You are part of a greater happening that is eons in coming and infinite in its reach. As are you.

June 15, 2009 - Excerpted from, "Words of the Masters"

Channelinger - Dr. Meg
Meg Blackburn Losey, Ph.D.

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