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Emotions and Beliefs
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Morro Bay, CA

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Emotions and Beliefs

In a time of new energy.

Morro Bay, CA, Jul 17, 2009 Author: JMichael

The quote from Seth sounds like ancient wisdom from above. The words are so easy to remember, yet so easy to forget. Over time, our belief systems become us, or is it vice versa? Perhaps it is Abraham's concept that "habitual thought creates belief", manifests in our lives. After many incremental shifts in belief, our ability to change risks grinding to a halt. Eventually, we find ourselves in what appears to be a complete set of belief systems, with too many components to even identify. We assume that those beliefs will stand the test of time, or at least our time on Earth.

Then, the "fickle finger of fate" wakes us up to a new reality. It is a reality that we knew awaited us, but unacknowledged for as long as possible. Who wishes to step outside of their own comfort zone and acknowledge contrasting beliefs, perhaps even our core beliefs?

Regardless of our desire, events then appear to take over, challenging our long held conviction that we choose our own fate. We find ourselves back in an arena that we selected before birth as a crucible for challenge, change and achievement. Under even the most difficult circumstances, Consciousness prevails. After the necessary adjustments, we go on with our lives.

As we know, life is all about energy. If we allow it, our lives will adapt to the changes thrust upon us. It is healthy to channel energy into our crucibles of change, but we must remember to reserve sufficient energy to satisfy our soul, as well.

After the Quantum Leap, in September 2007, it became easier for us to balance and acknowledge energies, both old and new. Diet, exercise and overall health maintenance became easier. Now we may rise above the petty and the mundane, returning to our own path of enlightenment. If we allow it, new energy leads more quickly than ever to manifestation.

We took a walk in our garden today. As we passed the French doors, we saw our reflection in the double-pane glass. Looking at our image in a subtler way, we realized that each pane reflected a different version of us. Each image looked like us, but with their overlap, it appeared that a second entity shared time and space with us.

Our spirit revealed?

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