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For Your Love
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Paso Robles, California

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For Your Love

The love for and of another.

Paso Robles, California, Jul 17, 2009 Author: JMichael

As soon as we let our mind wander today, we thought about being with you again this evening. we believe that both our dreams and our desires are good. Sometimes we feel that the circumstances of our lives have stripped our dreams away from us. If we calm down, take a deep breath and look around, all is well with our lives and the world. So too shall it be in the future. Our individual and shared vibrational countenances guarantee as much.

Ourvibe says that it will be great to see you this evening. How fun it is to anticipate being with you. We look forward to some quiet music and low lights; perhaps a scented candle, as well. Within an hour, you will relax your body, mind and soul. Simultaneously, on another plane, in another place, you will feel co-creational enlightenment. When gods unite, new worlds spin away, like rose petals thrown into a breeze.

From the mundane to the transcendental, we create at any level that we can feel, accept and welcome into our lives. Earthbound activities need not interfere with our personal evolution. If we agree that no entity holds power over us, we are free again to move toward the place of our desires. Each time we go there, we connect with our vibrational core, and with each other. Each encounter is new, fun and full of anticipatory delight. Each emotional bolt of lightning enhances our lives and the love we share.

Each time we see you, it reminds us of feelings we had in high school, when we saw someone to whom we were attracted. After a few seconds, the mere sight of him or her shifted our hearts into overdrive. When we opened our heart like that, it left us vulnerable to ridicule. Those of our peers who suppressed such feelings did not want us to enjoy them either. The rare exception was a best friend, with whom we might share a few of our secrets. In order to fit in, we learned to suppress those startling feelings. We did not want our emotions showing that much.

Now that we are together, not just a fleeting image on a seventeen-year-old visual cortex, we combine those feelings of attraction with a shared love. The thrill of being seventeen is still there, but the capacity to give, accept and co-create love eclipses those early days of mad longing and lost desire.

We look forward to sharing these gifts with you.

Signature, Jim McGillis

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