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Welcome to the 2007 Quantum Leap Celebration, Taos, New Mexico.Shaumbra Definition - Shaumbra Role: To Inspire Consciousness.Jeffrey and Linda Hoppe inspiring new energy consciousness at the 2007 Quantum Leap Celebration, Taos, New Mexico.
The Quantum Leap, One Year Later
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Taos, NM

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The Quantum Leap, One Year Later

An unseen change in energy is afoot upon the land.

Taos, NM, September 18, 2008 Author: AA JMichael

We wrote these words on September 18, 2008, the first anniversary of the Quantum Leap.

If your current situation serves you not, plan to let it go. If your vibrational frequency is in a realm where we can reach you:

  • Stop.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Place your fingertips together, over your head, as if praying.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Now, let it All go.

All is well. You are loved. You are not alone. Someone else will save the world.

The economy is a fantasy. Supposed experts made up the rules and the laws, even adding some anti-laws, which they called "deregulation". For a while, it all seemed like harmless fun. In the end, over-exuberant financial entities shall lose both their money and their power over others. In the past, the Fat Cats have raked their percentage off the top. They ignored personal effects on their buyers or borrowers. After serving themselves, they found insufficient resources available for the rest of us. For as long as there has been a formal economy, "Stick it to the little guy", has been the old-energy rallying cry.

None of that works in a new energy world. Our Karma now calls upon us in this life. These educational visits are of rectitude, not punishment. Our lesson is that those who try to profit unfairly over their fellow humans shall reap a whirlwind of their own making. It shall manifest within them as an uncontrollable fear. From the outside, such individuals may look as if they are OK. For example, at the congressional departure hearings of one mortgage executive, his demeanor seemed to say, "So long, suckers. I got mine and I'm keeping it." Did the $100 million buyout from his former company make him feel more or less secure?

Mountains Near Taos, New Mexico
Mountains Near Taos, New Mexico

A problem for such individuals is that their deeds may carry more negative karma than they can bear. They do not sleep well at night. They live in fear of retroactive indictment, or that one of the millions of homeowners they defrauded might come to their house and shoot them. As the Eagles so aptly sang in their song, Hotel California, they are "prisoners of their own device".

The only way to comprehend these issues is to observe from a broader perspective. Place your consciousness up in one corner of your room, then ask it to notify you if something makes you feel uncomfortable. If any subject creates discomfort, consciously zoom out far enough (ex., near-Earth realm) in order to look unemotionally at the situation. If you still feel concerned, go intergalactic with your consciousness. From there, you will see how important (or unimportant) any particular issue may be.

We learned the above technique from Abraham. If your thinking sets up a negative vibration, zoom out until you have perspective. By the way, you must be sufficiently in touch with your feelings to detect subjects that are negative to your best interests. Remember your own divinity. Remember that you came here to love, laugh and enjoy yourself.

How and why did so many of us allow ourselves to become "action players", rather than teachers and examples for others? I am not suggesting that we must disconnect from reality. I am suggesting that we disconnect ourselves from specific, presupposed outcomes. Investment in specific outcomes will lead to future disappointment. Feelings of disappointment indicate that we may be in a negative energy-state. If dwelled upon, such feelings often lead to a new round of expectations and disappointments.

Any who bind themselves to the drama of a predetermined outcome shall lose their objectivity. As Tobias says, "Stand behind the short wall and observe. Do not get caught up in the drama, regardless of how attractive it may seem." It will not help to become embroiled in drama or desired outcomes. In the end, everything will take care of itself. Only we break the cycle of specific expectations, will we be free.

Words do not teach. Trying to convert anyone to anything does not work. Resist the temptation to put negative energy out to anyone. With love, care and time, the Other may see that we are all where we are supposed to be and we are all doing what we are supposed to be doing. If that is so, feelings of fear and depression will vanish like the wind.

Release your expectations and investment in narrow outcomes, as that precludes even better possibilities from materializing. Expect beauty, love, hope and passion and those things will come to you. As the law of attraction governs all, your personal outcomes will follow your feelings and thoughts.

The Quantum Leap Celebration was on September 17, 2007, at midnight Taos, New Mexico time. We did not stay in the auditorium that night, going out to dinner with friends instead. Our small celebration was not derogatory to the Quantum Leap. Tobias said that the day would feel like any other day, which was true for us.

Rainbow Near Taos, New Mexico
Quantum Leap Rainbow
Taos, New Mexico

One year later, it was obvious that things were changing fast, with old energy players getting bailed out on Wall Street and our country marked with corporate socialism. Through our government, we now own the two largest corporations in the world (Fannie May and Freddie Mac; plus AIG, Bear Stearns, Lehman Bros. and the list goes on).

After twenty-eight chaotic and violent years, on September 18, 2008 Robert Mugabe supposedly gave up power in Zimbabwe. Near the core of Black Africa, Zimbabwe's shift to hope and change, although not guaranteed, had at least begun. The new president will not prosecute Mugabe. We feel that Mugabe's new role is to reflect on what he has done and to change his energy in this life.

Here in America, we have our own shadows with which to deal. The winds and tides of change are now a powerful force in the world. There are no guarantees, but the tide is now turning. If you need further proof, observe images of former beachfront property along the Texas Gulf Coast. There is a purging of old energies, so we must learn accept the discomforts as part of that process.

All of our human plans are good, so long as we do not exhaust ourselves in the process of attainment. With patience and persistence, our message will reach the audience that seeks it. Events may seem like they are taking a long time to unfold, but in "spirit time", all of this takes place in less than a snap of the fingers.

With this huge energy change across the land, no one knows if fear or hope will win the day. Even if fear does win, we can still have hope, as hope is not dependent on any particular outcome.

Today is the 2008 anniversary of the Quantum Leap. To review our blog entries from the Quantum Leap and to learn more, see the following articles:

In Love, light & Life,

Signature, Jim McGillis
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