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Inaction Speaks Louder Than Work
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Cisco, UT

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Inaction Speaks Louder Than Work

Slow Down and Catch Up With Yourself

Cisco, UT, August 3, 2009 Author: AA JMichael

Your body speaks to you, saying, "Slow down a bit... Enjoy life evermore"...

Many of us now choose to conduct the majority of our work in a cyber-plane. Since effort exists only in the physical realm, blending physical and non-physical realities here on Earth allows us to employ less physical effort, and still get our work done. In theory, that leaves more time, energy and love to apply to the most important person in our life.

Enlightened humans may now blur the line between physical and non-physical, as well as between work and play. No longer must we view our lives in terms of leisure time and work time. On any given day, we may allow our self to pursue leisure as if it were our job. When relaxing is our focus, we allow greater creativity into our lives.

As our consciousness accepts that creativity is free and enjoyable, we find our self tightly bunching our old work activities, so that we can enjoy longer periods of meditation, relaxation, exercise and personal care. Old energy, as exemplified by the ego, tells us that we are not working hard enough. Through a mechanism called "internal guilt", we might force our self to spread our work evenly throughout the day. The ego is then happy, because it has control. In such a state, we might not be miserable, but neither are we then in control of our own destiny.

A sigh is not the same thing as a deep breath. A sigh comes from a heavy heart, meaning that the heart has acquiesced to the needs of the ego. Since the ego's job is to thwart spiritual enlightenment, its non-physical grip on us slows the physical pumping of our heart. A deep breath has the effect of expanding and contracting the heart, and as it flexes, it oxygenates our bloodstream. With more oxygen flowing to our brain, consciousness returns, spurring creative thoughts within us. Sublime consciousness is that which the enlightened seek.

Many people or institutions will offer you rules, conventionalities and the expectation that you should believe as they do. Taken to its extreme, that is how one forms a religion. With a direct appeal to your inner child, they say, "Come, my child and follow me". If your inner child is lost, lonely or neglected, such a pitch may create temptation. The temptation is to surrender to the power of another. The surrender that is of value is the surrender to self, and therefore to All that Is.

Why would anyone consciously give away his or her personal power? That is a trick question. If "conscious", the individual would never give away his or her personal power to another human being. Therefore, it is a misplaced attempt on the part of the inner child to surrender to a higher power, which is the inner child's built-in predilection. If stifled during one's early years of life, the inner child may fail to recognize or believe in his or her own inner guidance. Like the lost duckling that imprints on the family dog, the wounded inner child reaches out to unlikely places for solace and surrender.

The Inner Child at Play
It is time to invite the inner child to play

Your inner child awaits your call. When you first seek to connect, the inner child may seem to be an ephemeral being, or maybe not be real at all. Since both the "you" that you know and the inner child represents different aspects of the same consciousness, it will not help to denigrate or belittle the inner child. Only love will bring him or her out to play. Discovering self-love requires some adjustments. The first thing we need is time. By that, we mean that we need time to be by our self. Since our non-physical friends can tag along, we are not alone.

After you complete some important or worldly task, transport your physical body to the outdoors, ideally in nature, but at least somewhere relatively quiet. "But, I don't have time", you say. We know that you have responsibilities and that you are striving for success, but as soon as you release all of that, events will begin to unfold in a most exquisite manner. Many eventualities will surprise you, as things will happen in ways that you never before imagined.

Early on, we wrote an "In Res Media" chapter about Archangel Michael. Each time we lovingly connect with another archangel, nonphysical entity, spirit or being, we invite their collective consciousness to manifest within us. Some would call this gathering of tribes within us blasphemy; others might say it is audacious, egotistical or power-hungry.

Thus far, our results include longer and stronger bouts of happiness, and greater connectedness to All that Is. If we are not thrilled with life, we can usually figure out why and adjust our asking toward that which we desire. Once we find our self in such a state, there is only one more activity required. Consciously, we must ask aloud, for what we want. That allows our self to bypass our ego and state our desires directly to the universe. If we do not ask aloud, the non-physical realms have no way of conducting our desires to the universal plane. The universe may know our intention, but will not act upon it until we ask.

After reading a biography of Mark Twain (Samuel Clemmons), we realized that both he and we love to make up our story as we go along. Plausibility, rather than factuality seems to be the key. Not ironically, many of the things we have fabricated about the cosmos soon prove to be true. We know that such unexpected events are hallmark characteristics of new energy - that new energy never manifests the same way twice.

Now, we are on a great cosmic Easter egg hunt, looking under rocks and to the sky for new energy. The good news is that now, when we seek it, new energy is available. All we need do is calm down, take a few deep breaths and allow that energy into our lives. Whether it is solar, interstellar or from the plane of existence that we call the God Plane, we welcome the exchange of loving energy with our heart and soul.

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