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A Costantino Proietto 1929 oil painting of the coast at Catania, Italy.Kokopelli and Coney the Traffic Cone atop the Apple Power Mac G4 Cube, with C.Proietto painting in the background.Kokopelli and Coney the Traffic Cone atop Mater the Towtruck at the Cozy Cone Motel, Holbrook, Arizona.Silver Girl reflects the desert light on Old Highway 66, near Holbrook, Arizona.
A New Clue to the Art Mystery
This chapter occurs at the map location below.
Holbrook, AZ

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A New Clue to the Art Mystery

Our superheroes receive a wireless hologram email message

Holbrook, AZ, January 10, 2012 Author: Jim McGillis

As a diesel locomotive rumbled by outside, Moabbey the Coyote sat quietly in front of his old Power Mac G4 Cube. Staring intently at a place just above the Cube and then using sheer will, he attempted to view a holographic email message.

"This is frustrating", he muttered to himself. "When Steve Jobs personally designed this computer for the Millennium, just before Y2K, Apple Computer sold it without a display. I didn't have much money, so I gigaflopped its Velocity Engine and created my own 4-D chromatic-hypersphere display. It allows me to channel the message either visually or empathically, depending on my mood. My problem is that the 4G wireless network has not yet made it to Wigwam Village in Holbrook, Arizona".

"Maybe we can help", said a small voice atop the computer. While Moabbey had ranted on about technology, both Coney and Kokopelli had quietly climbed up on to the Mac G4 Cube.

"Wait", shouted Moabbey. "That's it... Just sit still on the Cube. The message is becoming clearer. OK, I have it downloaded. Now you two can move". Turning to the printer in their crowded wigwam, Moabbey retrieved a single sheet of paper. He flipped it face-up and began to read the message aloud.

"Hallo Moabbey,

Indeed your article about artist Constantino Proietto stimulated my interest. He was a real good friend of my family and I called him "Uncle Tino". My parents owned many of his beautiful paintings, for example the "Via Dolorosa" in Jerusalem from a phantastic perspective, and another of the "Montmartre" in Paris.

His main works were pictures with Italian motifs. Costantino, we called him "Tino", painted in the "Sixtinische Kapelle" (Sistine chapel) in Roma, as well. He copied Madonna-pictures with very high quality. For example the halo of the Madonna was in 24-carat gold. Once, when I had the measles, he painted a picture for me in dark colours, because bright light was not good during that disease.

In the 60's and 70's C. Proietto sold his large pictures in Germany for about 2000-3000 DM, which was a lot of money at that time. His date of death was in the middle of the 70's, I believe. I will find it exactly and send it to you. In addition, certainly my parents have pictures of him. His paintings are much more valuable than as indicated by recent auctions. I hope this may help you with your research. It would be nice to hear from you.

Kind regards from dear old Germany.

Yours, A.S."

Staring in disbelief, Moabbey realized that there was no return address on the message. Looking at Coney and Kokopelli, he said, "I think I told you move a bit too soon". As he finished his sentence, his words trailed off in despair. "When you two multidimensional characters sat on the Mac Cube, its AirPort wireless card brought in that holographic message all the way from Germany. When you jumped off of the Cube, the wireless died just as his address was coming across".

"I'm sorry to hear that, Moabbey", said Coney. "My cone-shape is a natural antennae and Kokopelli can access at least five dimensions, so far as I can tell. That combination of energies can attract almost anything nonphysical. However, when I'm around Kokopelli for too long, he gets bored with me and starts playing tricks". After reflecting on that thought for a moment, the little orange traffic cone blurted out, "Hey, Kokopelli; did you cut off the transmission before Moabbey received the return address?" Kokopelli just shrugged and blushed right through his coat of many colors.

Closeup of Coney and Kokopelli atop the Power Mac G4 Cube
Coney and Kokopelli receiving
the holographic email message.

"Coney, we can't blame Kokopelli. He likes to play his tricks, but my energetic misalignment truncated that message. As usual, I was impatient and cut it off too soon".

Stepping out from the shadows inside the wigwam, Sliver Girl brought her sparkling personality into the conversation. "Don't despair, Moabbey", she said. "It is the best C. Proietto lead we have received in months. Even if we do not know who sent it, we can publish it on the worldwide web and then see what it attracts".

While admiring her great beauty, Moabbey murmured, "You are brilliant, as always, my dear. Since we keep experiencing lapses in our 3-D time-space reality, perhaps you would be so kind as to contact the Other. Maybe he can get it out on the internet".

"My pleasure, Moabbey", she said. Unhooking the mouthpiece from the wall telephone, she spun the crank and then waited for the operator to answer at front desk of the Cozy Cone Motel.

Reverberating throughout the ferro-concrete wigwam, a loud voice soon crackled over the carbon-amplified earpiece. "Front Desk; how may I help you?"

"Hello. This is Silver Girl," she said with her characteristic self-confidence. "Would you be a dear and get a message out to the art world for us?"

"I'd be happy to, Silver Girl", the Other replied. "But only if you deliver that message in person".

"Let me slip into a more comfortable dimension, and then I'll be right over", she said seductively.

"I'll be waiting," said the Other, and then the telephone in Wigwam Number 7 went silent.

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