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Plush Kokopelli and the Other, reflected in a pothole, somewhere in the SouthwestThe only known image of Moabbey the CoyoteThe Navajo Generating Station, a coal-fired power plant near Page, ArizonaPlush Kokopelli and Coney the Traffic Cone four-wheeling in Arches National Park, Utah
Superheroes Disaster Movie Script
This chapter occurs at the map location below.
Moab Ranch, UT

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Superheroes Disaster Movie Script

Moabbey writes a script for a superhero disaster movie

Moab Ranch, UT, September 29, 2013 Author: Jim McGillis

After an extended vacation at Wigwam Village Motel (AKA the Cozy Cone Motel) in Holbrook, Arizona, the superheroes returned to Moab Ranch.

Sitting on the front porch in the afternoon sun, Silver Girl asked, "Do you remember when we first met, back in 1991? The Other had just returned from Hollywood, where he had pitched Moabbeys movie script to the executives at Atlantis Pictures."

"Yes," said Coney the Traffic Cone. "They laughed him out of the studio, saying, 'You want us to green light a movie about a coyote, a plastic traffic cone, a mythical flute player and a metalized girl? No one would believe that.'"

From a shadow in the corner, Moabbey the Coyote remarked, "All of these years later, at least we proved that we exist. Kokopelli and Coney have traveled the Four Corners region. There are pictures of Plush Kokopelli and Coney all over the internet."

"Good point", said Silver Girl. "But werent we supposed to save the world, thus proving our superhero abilities?"

"I have a plan", said Moabbey. "I reworked our movie script to make it into a disaster movie." He went on, "What makes a disaster movie so compelling is its realism. From the comfort of an air-conditioned theater, the audience can visualize wide scale destruction. The script for our disaster movie starts in a Phoenix movie house."

"Here is my pitch. - A patron in a Phoenix theater watches a movie is about water, coal and electrical power in the West. Everything centers on the Colorado River. In the Upper Colorado River Basin, there has been an extreme drought. In Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona, there has been a protracted hot summer.

Behind Glen Canyon Dam, at Lake Powell, the water level falls to unprecedented low levels. When the siphons from the lake can no longer supply water to the Navajo Generating Station, the plant goes haywire. Belching coal smoke and nitrous oxide, its three massive flue-gas-stacks collapse in a heap on the ground.

In the Lower Colorado River Basin at Lake Havasu, power transmission from the Navajo Generating Station abruptly terminates. As the siphons and pumps of the Central Arizona Project can no longer lift water over the Buckskin Mountains and on to Phoenix and Tucson, the CAP canal runs dry. With overall water supplies cut by eighty percent, Phoenix cuts its water usage by only half that amount.

Soon, reservoirs run dry and Phoenix cuts water usage to a minimum. Because Phoenix saves so much water, there is insufficient effluent to keep the sewage plants operating. That curtails the delivery of treated wastewater to the Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, west of Phoenix. The Salt River Project utility resorts to pumping ground water in order to cool the nuclear reactors at Palo Verde.

As the Tonopah Aquifer retreats farther underground, one by one, each of the four nuclear reactors at Palo Verde goes off-line and shuts down. With curtailed electrical supply in Phoenix and Tucson, there is insufficient power to keep air conditioners running. In this 'movie within the movie', the residents of Southern Arizona panic and try to leave en mass. Credits roll and the theater lights come up. After the movie, as the theater patrons leave the auditorium, they find that the toilets will not flush and that the water taps in the restrooms are dry.

As they exit the theater, our disaster movie becomes a survival movie. With a near empty water system, only those Arizonians who planned will survive the trek across the desert. For weeks, everything from RV's to motorcycles clogs the roads leading to California. When they pass over the Colorado River at Yuma, Needles or Blythe, the former Arizonians find that the Colorado River channel is now a dry arroyo.

In the new superheroes disaster movie, Coney the Traffic Cone wants to crash his helicopter into the Navajo Generating Station

Coney the Traffic Cone
Daredevil Pilot

As immigrants and the poor leave Arizona in droves, there is no one left to provide services to the wealthy. Too late, Arizona repeals its anti-immigrant SB 1070 statute. As an incentive, Arizona offers immigrants, both legal and illegal, a small share of the water and power still available. Then, as now, only with a significant immigrant population can the wealthy live their chosen desert lifestyle.

Unable to revert to its former ranching, mining and semi-rural economy, the outlying suburbs of Maricopa, Pinal and Pima Counties are the first to go dry. Old copies of Arizona Highways Magazine look new again. Ghost towns, like Casa Grande, Arizona feature both Hohokam ruins and abandoned regional shopping centers, which have gone to seed.

Soon after millions of Arizonians arrive at refugee camps in Southern California, Northern California declares itself a separate state and then curtails water deliveries to the unwashed south. Having no other plans, the displaced Arizonians and many Southern Californians leave town. Depending on their proclivities, they drive to either Burning Man or Las Vegas, Nevada. The movie ends with a huge party at each venue.

As the credits roll, the patron we first saw in the Phoenix movie theater awakens. With popcorn all over his lap, he is still sitting in his theater seat. Stretching and then arising, he says to no one in particular, "Thank goodness that was only a dream".

"You have to admit", exclaimed Moabbey, "this movie script is too good not to produce. I hope Hollywood remembers, they read it here first."

"Great story, Moabbey," said Silver Girl, "but what role do we superheroes play in all of this?"

"As the movie opens," replied Moabbey, "we all appear here at Moab Ranch, discussing the script. Then the Other acts out the scenes where Atlantis Pictures again refuses to make our movie. In an act of hubris, Atlantis Pictures then steals our script and makes the movie without us.

While filming on location at Lake Powell, their camera helicopter crashes into the Navajo Generating Station, destroying the place. That, of course, triggers the disaster scenario from our new script. In our movie, we become superheroes by writing the script and getting the movie made, not by acting out every bit of action."

"I think I get it", said Coney. "In our movie, may I pilot the helicopter that crashes into the coal-fired power plant? I never did like that place."

"Plush Kokopelli exists in five dimensions and has more than nine lives, so we will leave any aerobatics and explosions to him", replied Moabbey.

After they all laughed about Coney piloting a helicopter, the Other went inside and packed his bag. Before sunrise, he would leave for Hollywood. Later that day, he had an appointment to pitch Moabbey's new script to the executives at Atlantis Pictures.

To be continued...

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