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Kokopelli at rest on Coney the Traffic Cone, Wigwam Village  Motel, Holbrook, Arizona.Silver Girl at the Cozy Cone Motel, Holbrook, Arizona.First published image of Moabbey the Coyote.Kokopelli & Coney the Traffic Cone driving an old Ford dumptruck at the Wigwam Motel, Holbrook, Arizona.
Superheroes Take A Vacation
This chapter occurs at the map location below.
Los Angeles, CA

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Superheroes Take A Vacation

Moabbey, Coney and the Gang Visit the Cozy Cone Motel

Los Angeles, CA, October 15, 1991 Author: Jim McGillis

As you may have guessed, Moabbey, Coney and Friends have been looking for adventure ever since Silver Girl joined the gang at the Moab Ranch Hideout. When the Other returned to Moab Ranch that night, he had solemn words for the group. Although he had pitched the unlikely group of superheroes to the executives at Atlantis Pictures, they sank the project before hearing the whole story.

Upon return to Moab Ranch, the Other explained to the group that no one believed that they existed, so why would anyone make a movie about them? Besides, if they did exist, what had they actually accomplished on this Earth to warrant a movie deal?

"Not much," said Moabbey, "But what do they expect from a coyote, a traffic cone, a mythical flute player and a metalized girl?"

The Other leveled his dark gaze on Moabbey, who hunched his shoulders and tried to slip into the background. "If you are real superheroes," the people at Atlantis Pictures told me, "you might want to get out there and save the world, or at least some significant part of it."

"Okey, dokey, Boss", said Moabbey as he faded into the background. That left Coney, Kokopelli and Silver Girl standing out front.

Shining in her trademark Silver Light, Silver Girl stepped forward. She smiled at the Other and said, "If we have to save the world just to prove our box office potential, shouldn't we take a vacation first? Don't forget, I was tacked to the mud flap of the Ugly Trucker for years. If Thelma & Louse hadn't blown that truck to kingdom come, I'd still be stuck there, driving back and forth across the country."

"So", replied the Other, "if I give you a little time off to play, you and your cohorts will buckle down and accomplish enough for me to get you a Hollywood contract?"

"Better yet", said Silver Girl with a smile, "I'll sneak into Pixar on the mud flap of a delivery truck and then pitch our script directly to them."

"Deal", said the Other.

"Wait just a gal darn minute, Silver Girl", said Coney. "I think you just committed us to an act of accomplishment in this life. I have made 'doing nothing' except standing still my life's work. I don't think I want to change and start taking action now."

"Ah, common, Coney", said Silver Girl, as she patted the top of his cone. "With me, you know it will be fun. Please?"

With that, Coney turned from bright orange, to bright red. Any direct attention from Silver Girl was enough to make his day, so even against all fears; he said a simple, "OK".

Turning her gaze to Kokopelli, she boldly asked, "Are you in?" Glowing with iridescence and lifting slowly off the ground, Kokopelli smiled his knowing smile and then bowed his head once toward Silver Girl.

"I'll take that as a 'Yes'. What about you, Moabbey? I see you lurking in the background.

"Ah, yes, my dear. Of course I would be happy to attend", said Moabbey, as he stepped forward into the light.

"Great, then it is settled. If we leave right now, we can make it to the Cozy Cone Motel in Holbrook, Arizona before dark. They just renovated the place, replacing the Pixar traffic cones with real concrete wigwams. You guys will love it. We can each have our own wigwam, if you like. Their advertisement says that you can listen to thirty minutes of live radio in your wigwam for only ten cents."

"Entertainment, too?" gasped Coney. "Let's get going." Therefore, they did visit the Cozy Cone Motel in Holbrook, and above are the pictures to prove it.

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