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Plush Kokopelli is the last and final Hostess Twinkies spokesmodel.Plush Kokopelli at the dollar slots, Atlantis Casino, Reno, Nevada.Plush Kokopelli wheels his personal ATM to his Suite at the Atlantis Casino, Reno, Nevada.Plush Kokopelli is asleep at the Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, Reno, Nevada.
Kokopelli Wins Big In Reno, Nevada
This chapter occurs at the map location below.
Reno, NV

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Kokopelli Wins Big In Reno, Nevada

Can the Superheroes Protect Greater Canyonlands?

Reno, NV, March 5, 2012 Author: Jim McGillis

Inside Wigwam #7 of the Cozy Cone Motel, it was late evening. Moabbey the Coyote sat intently before his Apple Power Mac G4 Cube. As the claws on his forepaws clicked over the keyboard, the 4-D chromatic-hypersphere display snapped into focus.

"You are not going to believe this," Moabbey barked over his left shoulder. "I think I located Plush Kokopelli. He is at the 4-Star Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, in Reno, Nevada."

As Coney the Traffic Cone and Silver Girl approached, the 4-D chromatic-hypersphere display automatically switched to reality mode. In no time at all, they traveled from Wigwam Village in Holbrook, Arizona to the Atlantis Casino floor in Reno, Nevada. From their new vantage point, the superheroes could walk all around Plush Kokopelli. However, Kokopelli's shift to the fifth dimension made it impossible to communicate with him. As the scene unfolded, all that they could do was to observe.

Watching Kokopelli feed silver dollars into a slot machine, Silver Girl asked, "Where did Kokopelli get all of that money? Last time I saw him, he was at Burning Man 2012, prematurely setting fire to the main temple."

Just then, Coney stepped in and said, "I know where Kokopelli got all that money. After all, Im his agent."

Plush Kokopelli, with a C.Proietto Amalfi Coast oil painting as backdrop was the last and final spokesmodel for Hostess Twinkies.

Plush Kokopelli - Last & Final
Spokesmodel for Hostess Twinkies

Moabbey turned to face Coney and Silver Girl. "Agent... You are Kokopelli's agent? Coney, I think you have been living off junk food again".

"Well, in a way you're correct" replied Coney. "When Hostess Brands was on the verge of bankruptcy, their Twinkies mascot... you know, the one with a cowboy hat and boots, jumped off their box and quit. Since Twinkies are one of my favorite foods, I called Hostess and soon enough, Kokopelli got the gig as their last and final mascot. And for my commission, I get a lifetime supply of Twinkies".

Moabbey looked down his long snout at Coney, standing below. "I hate to tell you, Coney, but Hostess took you for a ride. They shuttered their bakeries. There will be no Twinkies for your old age"

Looking over Moabbey's shoulder at the chromospheric display, Silver Girl interjected, "What about Plush Kokopelli? He is still at that slot machine, placing his bets".

"Don't worry about Kokopelli," said Coney. "Even if I never see another Twinkie, Kokopelli has plenty of cash. It seems that management at Hostess had been hording coins for years. When the banks closed their accounts, Hostess paid a spokesmodel fee to Kokopelli in silver dollars. There were bags of coins. In Reno, the Atlantis Casino is the last place in town that has actual dollar slot machines. See, Kokopelli is feeding silver dollars into the slot right now."

Plush Kokopelli using his silver dollar payout from Hostess Twinkies to play blackjack at the Atlantis Casino in Reno, Nevada
Plush Kokopelli - Atlantis
blackjack table, Reno, NV
Silver Girl chuckled. "Kokopelli already owns Moab Bank. With his luck, before the night is over, he will own the Atlantis as well. Look, he has moved to the blackjack tables and he is winning big."

As the three superheroes watched, Plush Kokopelli cleaned up at the slots and card tables. By then it was getting late, so Kokopelli wheeled his own personal ATM up to his suite. Since time does not affect Kokopelli as it does the rest of us here in our 3-D time-space reality, he was in and out of the Jacuzzi and sleeping peacefully on his pillow before anyone knew it..

"What do you think Kokopelli will do with all of that money?" asked Silver Girl.

Just then, the telephone rang inside the fibrocement teepee. Clicking the speakerphone with his forepaw, Moabbey glanced at the display to confirm who was calling. His voice crackling on the line, it was the Other. "I understand that you superheroes have come into some money or at least Kokopelli has. I need your help, and some of that money, too. Old Energy is making an all-out attack on Moab and Greater Canyonlands. They are drilling and fracking for gas, planning tar sands and potash mines and denying the watershed effects of a planned nuclear facility".

"I get it," said Silver Girl. "This is the cause we have been looking for. Years ago, we all met for the first time in Moab. This vacation at the Cozy Cone Motel is over. We need Kokopelli back home, at Moab Ranch. Once he arrives, Ill ask if he will donate some money to help secure a future for Greater Canyonlands National Monument. Years ago, didn't we promise to save that place?"

"You've got it, Silver Girl," said the Other. "See you all in Moab this spring". Then the telephone line went dead.

Moabbey had the last word. "With my Power Mac G4 Cube, I should have no trouble contacting Kokopelli. The last we saw, he was asleep in his suite at the Atlantis. I hate to wake him up, but protecting Greater Canyonlands is important".

To be continued...

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