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Silver Girl, while still captive on the Ugly TruckerThe first known image of Moabbey the Coyote.Coney the Traffic Cone - Waiting patiently for recognition on the Potash Road, Moab, Utah.The ranch house at Moab Ranch, date unknown.
Moabbey & Coney Meet Silver Girl
This chapter occurs at the map location below.
Moab, UT

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Moabbey & Coney Meet Silver Girl

At Moab Ranch, things were never the same again.

Moab, UT, September 24, 1991 Author: MoabJim

Near sundown, in early fall, Moabbey and Coney sat on the verandah at Moab Ranch. With their chair backs propped against the ranch house wall, they surveyed the scene. Throughout the day, nothing of consequence had happened. Now the cloudless sky turned to a color blue never seen on a computer screen. Riding the thermals, a red tail hawk silently circled above the Moab Rim.

Then, bringing its own cloud of dust, a Blue Thunderbird convertible roared out of nowhere, passed them by and was gone as quick as it came. Simultaneously, both of their wooden chairs tipped forward, clunking back to their four-legged positions. As the T-Bird passed, something, or someone flew out of the back seat, did a triple back flip and landed at their feet.

Silver Girl - Captive on a mud flap
Silver Girl, before rescue by
Thelma & Louise

As their eyes widened, the gold dust cleared enough for them both to see a form standing in front of them. To their amazement, it was a gorgeous, chrome-shiny girl. As the gold dust dissipated and settled around her, she ended her tumbling run on her feet. Her brown eyes flashed at Moabbey and Coney. Brushing brown curls away from her face, the girl focused all of her energy, and then asked, "Where am I?"

Realizing that they were talking to a woman, the pair rose to full attention. "Moab Ranch", Moabbey blurted out. "But, who are you?"

With a shy smile and a tear in one eye, she tilted her head to one side, and then looked up to say, "I am Silver Girl. I was a captive on a mean, ugly trucker's mud flaps for years. Then, two women ended my slavery by blowing up his rig. When it exploded, I flew off the truck and into the back seat of their T-Bird. Then, it was off to the races. Cops were chasing the women, calling their names with bullhorns. 'Thelma, Louse, stop or we'll shoot to kill'. Since they appeared to be goners, I jumped out, landing here in your pile of golden dust."

Coney blurted to Moabbey, "This is just like in my dream. I haven't had a girl friend in years; then along comes this long-haired beauty, almost landing in my lap."

"Wait a minute. I didn't ask for a relationship with a cone-head like you, let alone a coyote who wears a bandana. Don't go getting any ideas, alright?"

Ugly Trucker, watching his gasoline rig blow up.
The Ugly Trucker's rig explodes.

Moabbey then stepped forward. Completing a sweeping bow, he said, "Please pardon my friend Coney's obtuseness. He has been standing out on Potash Road for so many years that he sometimes forgets his manners. Still, it is several leagues to town and if you would like to stay here at the ranch tonight, you are welcome to use the owner's suite.

"The Other is going to be sore at you for giving away his room," Coney muttered under his breath. By then, Moabbey was already escorting Silver Girl through the big front door of the ranch house. 

Once inside, the door shut against Coney's big ears and even bigger mouth. With an inquisitive look on his face, Moabbey asked, "How long were you held captive on the mud flap of that gasoline truck?"

Approaching the door to the owner's suite, Silver Girl stopped, and then turned back towards Moabbey. The silhouette of her ample figure reflected lamplight into Moabbey's eyes. After a long pause, she said, "It was nineteen years, to the day, when Thelma & Louise exacted revenge on my jailer. I wanted to thank them for saving me, but they were too busy evading the law."

"Why did you jump out here?" asked Moabbey.

Thelma & Louise blow past Moab Ranch.
Silver Girl jumps as Thelma & Louise
blow past Moab Ranch.

"I don't rightly know", said Silver Girl. "As we approached the ranch, something called for me to jump. I heard a voice in my head say, 'Don't worry; jump. You will be alright'. I took a leap of faith; and look at me now, about to bathe in a hot water, and then sleep in a bedroom fit for both a king and a queen. It may take a while, but things do work out, in the end".

"Some girls have all the luck", Moabbey said, closing the bedroom door behind her. Smiling to himself and scratchin his chin whiskers, Moabbey turned to walk away.

Back on the porch, Coney was ringing his hands and saying, "I blew it. I always blow it around beautiful women. Why can't I get it right?"

"You will", said Moabbey. "When the time is right and the relationship is right for each, you will know exactly what to say. Don't worry about it. There is always another day and there will always be another beautiful girl waiting to hear what you have to say. Only next time, say it to her, not to me."

"You got that right", said Coney, shaking his head from side to side. "Maybe I can start over with Silver Girl tomorrow, at breakfast."

Moabbey smiled his sly coyote smile, raised both eyebrows and then said, "It is your turn to cook, so plan on getting up early, before she awakens. If there is anything that our long-lost girl desires, it will include a ranch breakfast to celebrate her freedom", said Moabbey, turning towards his bunk for the night.

Smiling to himself, Coney said, "Bacon, eggs and hash browns; that is the way to a girl's heart. That, plus the aroma of fresh-ground Moab Java coffee wafting through the early morning air will have her in my arms before Noon. I just know it."

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