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The Whole Person Workout
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Lompoc, California

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The Whole Person Workout

On Becoming a Whole Person

Lompoc, California, Jul 23, 2009 Author: JMichael

Our emotions now run at high levels, but soon the prevailing energies will begin to calm down. After the time of the 2007 Quantum Leap Celebration, shedding old energy from our lives became as easy as popping a balloon, although the new process made no earthly sound.

Those still engaged in old-energy thinking do not hear or feel the change. Instead, they hunker down and hold on to the past, as if it were a current reality. Recreating the past is not possible. Luckily, most who try to do so find the task so onerous that they tacitly stop trying.

While holding energies for the "good old days", or whatever it may be, they lock their hearts and throw away the key. Without heart, old-energy-holders travel no further up their path to ascension. Since we cannot create in the past, those who try to will find their creative powers curtailed. With only one small turn, such individuals could arrive at the Now moment and create anything that they desire. Acceptance of the past and the present allows one to go forward into the future as a creator and co-creator.

As we tame the "tiger of fear", we look around and see that everything will turn out all right. As we surf the tide of new energy, those who are willing to embrace change will be present, taking the ride of their lives. as we continue this process, an inner calm shall become part of our lives.

As Napoleon Hill told us many years ago, in his classic book, "Think and Grow Rich", each of us needs a support group, which he called the "brain trust". Such a group served individuals by helping to accelerate their rise in business. More recently, forward-looking organizations have come to rely on "cross-functional teams", with members drawn form all parts of a given company.

If we combine the "brain trust" with the "cross-functional team", the convergence of their key creative concepts magnifies the power of each. Whether in business, in service to mankind or in service to our souls, we choose to co-create with others who allow new energy and new concepts into their lives. Each member of what Kurt Vonnegut, Jr. called our "karas", (a group of people you are inextricable linked to by fate), helps the others along their path to ascension.

Realization is its own reward. Recrimination, especially against one's self, creates that which we do not want. If we had not wanted to do something in the past, we would not have done it. Our past decisions are not signs of weakness or an inability to choose what is best for ourselves. At that time, what we did or did not do, was in our perceived best interest. Now knowing what is best for us, on this new day we may create a new beginning.

Working harder is the essence of old-energy, and is no longer necessary. Being happier, with ourselves, our friends, family and our path in life is a better way. Take a deep breath, then let it out. Accept things more easily and your dreams will manifest. The process has already begun.

It is great fun to be an author. We work-out on our Pilates apparatus or lift light free-weights each day. We set aside additional time for guided or free meditation. In our new energy vision, we progress each day as much as we formerly did in a week, a month or even a year. Our Healing Rhythms program, from Wild Divine guides our meditations. With that program, we can access real-time or stored graphics, depicting our heart rate, heart-harmonics and galvanic skin response.  With that information, we can modify our breathing and heart rate to match our current needs.

It is a good thing to challenge ourselves with both physical and mental exercise. It is equally important that we learn to slow down at the end of the day and enjoy the fruits of our labors. Mental, emotional and spiritual health rely on each other, like a tripod, for balance.  Writing in our private or public journals, low-impact exercise and meditation fulfill our dreams of a whole-person fitness regimen.

Another essential element in all of this is deep tissue massage. Whether one is performing or receiving such a massage, its physical and spiritual aspects create direct and lasting benefit for both participants. By allowing our breath to function openly while receiving massage, the experience raises our overall energy and enhances our upward spiral of ascension.

The occasional letter, written to our journal or to another person, can prove beneficial to most relationships. If written from the heart, such letters break down our own internal barriers and let us express ourselves to another, or to All that Is. If we stifle our feelings, they will pop up elsewhere, in unexpected or inappropriate ways. If we allow our written words to go out, they become part of the universal record of creation. With time and practice, our writing becomes another facet of a good life.

Last night, as our lover drifted off to sleep, her beauty shone itself upon us. Her face awakened our memories of a time and place where we had met before. It was both exciting and satisfying to feel the love we share. It was time for her to rest and rejuvenate with a good night's sleep. Our attraction to her was so great; we had to tear our self away from her touch.

If we allow it, we never know where our thoughts will go. When we started this project, we did not imagine that it would become a romance novel.

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