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On the left-side is the Amalfi Coast terrace scene by Carl Frederik Aagaard.On the right-side is the Amalfi Coast terrace scene by Constantino Proietto.Silver Girl makes plans to solve an international art mystery involving C.Proietto.Kokopelli and Coney the Traffic Cone will travel to the Capuchin Convent along Italy
20th Century Int
This chapter occurs at the map location below.
Holbrook, AZ

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20th Century Int'l Art Mystery

Moabbey uncovers a mystery invloving Italian artist, C. Proietto

Holbrook, AZ, July 7, 2011 Author: Jim McGillis

As you will recall, our Superheroes were on vacation at the Cozy Cone Motel in Holbrook, Arizona. Unexpectedly, the place was packed and they all had to stay in one teepee. By the second night, Moabbey was bored and started searching the internet for references to him and the other superheroes that he traveled with Silver Girl, Coney and Kokopelli. Pushing his chair back from an iPad resting on the little desk inside their ferroconcrete teepee, Moabbey stretched his limbs. Aloud, he said, "It looks like they are on to us. Some blogger at JamesMcGillis.com just published an article saying exactly where we are right now. I do not mind the recognition while on vacation, but when we leave here, we shall go incognito.

With that, Coney looked up and said, "So, you think that a coyote, a traffic cone, a girl from a mud flap and a multicolored proto-animal playing a flute can go undercover? That would take a Chief Joseph-sized blanket."

"OK, enough about that", said Moabbey. "This blogger, McGillis also wrote about an international art mystery that he is trying to solve. With a bit of luck, I think that we can help".

Putting both front paws together thoughtfully, Moabbey's eyes narrowed to slits. "This guy McGillis has an original oil painting from a twentieth century modern impressionist master. The Sicilian artist, Constantino Proietto was born in 1900. Other than ten or twelve signed original oil paintings worldwide, no one seems to know much about the artist. There are no pictures of him on the internet. His only online biography is five or six lines long, and does not mention his date of death. No family member has come forward to claim him as kin".

Opening his eyes wider now, Moabbey continued, "According to the McGillis article, a Danish artist of note, Carl Frederik Aagaard also painted the same scene from the same terrace as the original C Proietto painting, but in the nineteenth, not Proietto's twentieth century".

Silver Girl, who had been listening from the shadows of their Cozy Cone, now stepped into the light and dazzled them in reflected light. "I have plan, Moabbey", she said thoughtfully. "We could split up; two of us visiting the times of each artist. If we start at the same terrace on the Amalfi Coast, we have a good chance of catching both artists while painting: each within his own time, yet painting the same scene".

"That would be cool", said Coney. "Since each of us, in our own way, can transcend time and space, we could meet again with each other in the middle, half way between the times of each artist and compare notes". At that point, The Other stepped in and said, "Be careful. If you use an energy bridge without sufficient respect, you could create a time-warped mess".

At that point, Kokopelli twinkled his multicolored coat, stopping the conversation. "OK, we get it Koko", said Silver Girl. "We will be OK so long as we remember to respect the interests of all, that is".

Image of Constantino Proietto
20th Century Italian Artist
Constantino Proietto

By then, Moabbey had returned to his iPad. Looking down at the screen, he said, "If we want to solve this nineteenth and twentieth century art mystery before anyone else, we better hurry. I just Googled the terms, "C Proietto, and Constantino Proietto." On both the Web and at Google Images, Jim McGillis is already number-one in the search results for that artist. When I Google the nineteenth century master from Copenhagen's Golden Age, "Carl Frederik Aagaard", the Jim-McGillis-at-Live-Journal article is close to the top of the Web results. If we don’t hurry, the truth may be known before we even get to the Amalfi Coast".

"Wait", said Moabbey. "You aren't going to believe this. I just found an image of Constantino Proietto from a defunct free website. The image is there, but the website is gone. I guess they did not pay their bill".

"That's it", declared Silver Girl. "Coney, you're coming with me. We are going to be the Carl Frederik Aagaard team, visiting him in nineteenth century Italy. You two, Moabbey and Kokopelli, will drop in on Signore C Proietto in the late 1940s, as he stands upon that fabled terrace and paints the Amalfi Coast".

Just as Coney asked, "But when do we leave?" Kokopelli crinkled his nose, sneezed once and then, in a puff of light, they all departed Wigwam Village and Old-66, in Holbrook, Arizona.

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