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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer arrests Kokopelli, planning to replace the Ancient Spirit of Arizona with the GOP Elephant.First published image of Moabbey the Coyote.Kokopelli and Coney the Traffic Cone at Moab Ranch, prior to KokopelliSilver Girl reflects the desert light on Old Highway 66, near Holbrook, Arizona.
Kokopelli Arrested in Arizona
This chapter occurs at the map location below.
Phoenix, AZ

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Kokopelli Arrested in Arizona

Governor Jan Brewer Accuses Ancient Spirit of Being Illegal Alien

Phoenix, AZ, January 27, 2012 Author: Jim McGillis
23 -

Silver Girl departed Wigwam Number 7, at the Cozy Cone Motel in Holbrook, Arizona. She walked toward the office of the Wigwam Motel, where she planned to meet with the Other. As soon as the door slammed behind her, Coney the Traffic Cone sidled up to the desk where Moabbey the Coyote sat. Ignoring Coney, he stared intently at the holographic computer screen before him.

Shaking from his point to his base, Coney blurted out, "Kokopelli is under arrest in Phoenix, AZ. What are we going to do?"

Moabbey turned to look at Coney, who was quaking like an Aspen tree. "Arrest?" said Moabbey, as if there must be more to this story than met the eye.

"Yes, arrest," exclaimed Coney. "He was at the airport, after making a campaign appearance. He is running for State Ancient Spirit, which is an elective office in Arizona".

"Who would arrest Kokopelli for exercising his rights as a native of Arizona?" asked Moabbey. "With his history in the state going back to Anasazi and Pre-Puebloan days, he is a natural for that position".

"It was Arizona State Governor Jan Brewer who arrested him. Honest, I have pictures to prove it", said Coney, as he handed an AP Wire photo to Moabbey.

Moabbey starred at the picture intently. "I cannot believe it", he finally said. "She is shaking her finger in Kokopelli's face. Has she no respect for the Spirit of the Ancients?"

"After passage of the Arizona SB1070 statute, all elected officials in the state are now sworn immigration officers. She arrested him on two counts. First, because he exists simultaneously in five dimensions, she accused him of being an illegal alien.

"Wait a minute, said Moabbey. "She cannot arrest Kokopelli as an illegal alien. He has lived in Arizona and the Four Corners for thousands of years. He is more of a native than she is, to be sure".

"It doesn't matter", said Coney. "She had Kokopelli locked up in Sheriff Joe's Maricopa County Jail for sixty days. If Sheriff Joe can force him to wear a pink prison uniform, it will cover his multicolor coat and he will lose all of his magical powers. Sheriff Joe has broken the spirit of many prisoners with gross colored food, degrading uniforms and loud Christmas carols played incessantly throughout his jail".

Coney rattled on, "She also arrested Kokopelli for violating Arizona's English Only Law. Anyone who runs for elected office in Arizona must read, write and speak English. Kokopelli is mute, so she arrested him for not speaking English. Apparently, that is perfectly legal".

Just then, there was a Fox News live bulletin on the TV in their wigwam. It was Geraldo Rivera reporting live from the Arizona State House in Phoenix. After adjusting the rabbit ears on the TV, they heard Geraldo say, "The Wall Street Journal says Kokopelli is guilty and that no trial is necessary. After all, he is not a U.S. citizen. Governor Jan Brewer has proposed that the Republican Elephant become the Arizona State Ancient Spirit, leaving Kokopelli in the dust bin of history. Both Fox News and the Wall Street Journal have pledged the full resources of their Sewer PAC. They are backing Governor Brewer all the way".

Moabbey starred again at Coney, and said, "You are going to have to save Kokopelli alone. I cannot appear in public. During the Republican presidential debate in Florida last night, Governor Mitt Romney blamed the entire illegal immigration problem on Coyotes. He said that Coyotes prey upon people and are not fit to be part of our society". Moabbey sighed, looked at Coney and said, "Coney, I am a coyote".

With that, Coney feinted, tipped over and lay motionless on the floor of the wigwam. As Moabbey rushed to tip Coney back onto his base, the door opened and there stood Silver Girl. Starring agape at the fallen cone and the coyote hovering over him, she exclaimed, "Omigod, what happened?"

To be continued...

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