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Plush Kokopelli gets a welcoming hug at Canyonlands Field, Moab, UtahPlush Kokopelli sits on the wing of his private jet, waiting for Coney the Traffic Cone to pick him up at Canyonlands Field, Moab, UtahA couple, racing in the 2012 Adventure Xstream Race stops to visit with Plush Kokopelli on the Potash Road, Moab, UtahConey the Traffic Cone and Plush Kokopelli view the Sierra La Sal Range from
Plush Kokopelli Escapes From Jail
This chapter occurs at the map location below.
Moab, UT

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Plush Kokopelli Escapes From Jail

Coney the Traffic Cone Busts Kokopelli out of Sheriff Joe's Lockup

Moab, UT, September 4, 2012 Author: Moab Jim

It was after midnight. Only a dim light shined from the window of Wigwam Number 7. There at the Cozy Cone Motel in Holbrook, Arizona, Moabbey the Coyote sat alone. Bleary eyed, the coyote sat hunched over his Mac G4 Cube. "Where could they all be?" he idly asked.

Ages ago, it seemed, Silver Girl had gone to speak with the Other. Having just stepped into his reality shoes, the Other was then manning the front desk of the Wigwam Motel. "But that was in a parallel dimension", Moabbey mumbled.

An old Richie Valens song popped into his head. In the lyrics, the name of the girl had changed from "Donna" to "Silver Girl". "I had a girl, Silver was her name. Since she left me, I've never been the same", Moabbey crooned in his most mournful coyote howl. Listening to himself sadly sing that song, Moabbey then broke down and cried like a baby coyote.

An image of Plush Kokopelli as he uses the New Energy Tower of Power to escape from the Maricopa County Jail, in Phoenix, Arizona.At last report, Sheriff Joe had locked up Kokopelli in Phoenix, Arizona. Stripped of the title, "Ancient Spirit of Arizona" by Arizona Governor Jan Brewer, Kokopelli gave up the fight. Hurt by the accusation that he was an illegal alien, Kokopelli went quietly. After Sheriff Joe personally dressed him in pink prison garb, Kokopelli quickly lost his magical powers and his will to escape.

Seeing him as a lowly coyote, the Republican presidential campaign had blamed Moabbey for bringing Kokopelli and other supposed illegal aliens across the Mexican border. With coyote attack-ads running on TV both night and day, Moabbey dared not leave his Cozy Cone motel room.

Soon after Kokopelli's incarceration, Coney the Traffic Cone had vowed to free him. Moabbey, however, knew what a fraidy-cat Coney actually was. Moabbey assumed that Coney had high-tailed it back to the Potash Road near Moab, Utah. Skeptically, Moabbey thought, "I'll bet he is standing there in the dark, afraid of his own moon shadow. He always ends up back in Potash, right where we found him".

For the Four Corners Super Heroes, time had stopped, and they badly needed a kick-start to get their story rolling again. As if on cue, the heavy wooden door of the fibrous-cement wigwam swung open. Into the wigwam popped Silver Girl, seemingly from out of nowhere.

Upon seeing Silver Girl, Moabbey sat up, wiped away his tears and pretended that he had not missed her. "OK, here's the scoop", Moabbey said to Silver Girl. "Kokopelli is on the lam and I think it was Coney who sprang him from jail. Here, look at the pictures on the holograph". After staring intently at a few of the multilayer images that formed before them, they both laughed at once.

"Oh, yes Kokopelli is out all right", said Silver Girl. "These images are coming in from all over Moab, Utah. First, Kokopelli arrives at Canyonlands Field by private jet. Then Coney picks him up in the Redtail Aviation golf cart that says, "Follow Me" on its back. The next thing you know, Canyonlands TSA gives Kokopelli a big hug. Then he leaves the airport on a minibike. Wait Simultaneously he appears at the Moab Adventure Xstream Race, posing with two race participants".

The Spirit of Edward Abbey inhabits the back room at the Back of Beyond Bookstore in Moab, UtahA look of concern came over Silver Girl. "Look", she said, "There he is, Behind the Rocks with Coney and the Other. Now he is in Downtown Moab, hanging out with the Spirit of Edward Abbey. As Kokopelli continued his holographic appearances in multiple locations, Silver Girl said, "If Kokopelli materializes simultaneously in too many dimensions at once, he could blow his flux capacitor and then you know what will happen".

"No. What will happen? asked Moabbey.

"Just like in the movie 'Back to the Future', we might all re-materialize back in 1984".

Moabbey narrowed his sharp coyote eyes until they were mere slits. Turning slowly to face Silver Girl he said, "One Reagan Revolution was enough. We don't need to go back and relive all of that again".

Shaking off that distasteful thought, Moabbey said, "Enough politics; we need to get back to business. Kokopelli left Arizona and his Ancient Spirit is now free at last. With his sense of humor, there is no telling where he might show up".

Starring at the images of Kokopelli gone-wild in Moab, Silver Girl's eyes widened as much as Moabbey's had narrowed. "Oh my" she said. "I think he is headed to Burning Man, in the Nevada desert.

To be continued...

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