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Voices In The Sky
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Chiriaco Summit, CA

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Voices In The Sky

Or, Are They Voices In Your Head?

Chiriaco Summit, CA, July 24, 2009 Author: JMichael

After several decades of pondering their words, the Moody Blues' lyrics from their song, "Voices in the Sky" now make sense to me. Saying, "The voices in your head" would not sound right, so Justin Hayward gave us a familiar and heaven-like reference point. By placing the voices outside of ourselves, the songwriter relieved our collective unconscious that someday we might hear voices in our own heads. In contemporary culture, only crazy people hear voices in their heads. In a collective effort to blot out the voices in our heads, we employ iPod, iPhone, TV; even AM Radio.

Yesterday, in Santa Monica, California, we observed an attractive young woman riding her bicycle across busy Santa Monica Blvd. As we waited for the light to change, the rambling action she produced with her retro bicycle was a vision of loveliness. Her attire consisted of sandals, shorts, a top and headphones. We gasped, but not in reaction to her sublime beauty. It was the headphone cords dangling from her ears that left us agape.

In her attempt to control her own "listening experience" (thank you, Thomas Edison), she unwittingly risked her life. How could she hear a spirit guide or guardian angel entreating her to be careful on such a busy street? Other than the voices that she chose to hear at that moment, her headphones blotted out all inner voices and outside sounds. With a smile and a snort came realization that we were her guardian angel that day. With the same blessing that we might offer over an animal or a fool, we blessed her and asked that God keep her safe from her own disconnectedness.

If we allow it, we will find that there are many voices in our heads. Do we recognize them, let alone offer them influence in the conduct of our lives? Who are we to deny the voice of Source, as it exists within us? According to the tenets of Dr. Karl Gustav Jung, if we suppress such a vital connection with Source, we will move toward mental illness. By allowing and listening to our inner voices, do we open ourselves up to false information? How do we tell one inner voice from another? Which ones should we engage and which ones should we ignore? Which are the good or bad voices, and how can we tell the difference?

The answer is, that if we listen openly and carefully to each message, all of our inner voices are good. If one allows only certain voices on certain occasions and some voices not at all, we shall receive pre-conditioned answers. Not ironically, those answers will match our current belief systems. Only if we are open, will all of our guides, angels and assigns join us for requested council. Was that voice we just heard our Inner Self, or was it our Inner Child? For all we know, it could be our Inner Archangel Michael or our Inner Snow White.

For many years, allowing Guardian Angels into our heartfelt realm was difficult. Then, while traveling through the deserts to LA, we had an experience involving clouds and white light above. There were no huge trumpets or white robed angels, but lightning, thunder and torrential rains garnered our attention.

According to Abraham and others, if we ask, it is given. The only remaining question is whether we allow whatever we asked for into our lives. Our given name is James Michael. James was the brother of Jesus. Michael is Archangel Michael. Archangel Michael is an interesting character. Hundreds, if not thousands of individuals channel him. Among their more famous ranks are an aging, bearded biker and an unassuming grandmother. Who Archangel Michael is (or was) is lost in antiquity, and thus open to interpretation.

We just referred to our Saints & Angels deck and there found Archangel Michael's card. While looking at the card, we realized that it was in his honor that we adopted the "JMichael" moniker. Ordinarily, Archangel Michael is not subtle. On the card, he has a celestial sphere above his head, with a ray of white light transmitting God's powers to him. He holds his left hand is over his opening heart.

St. Michael, The Archangel
St. Michael, The Archangel, from
Saints & Angels Oracle Cards

Upon his head, he wears a reticulated gold helmet. Is that a little receiving antenna on top? There are white wings to the sides and an abundance of jewels, including a large ruby, which covers his third eye. Looking like buttons on his tank top, two more rubies cover other chakras. Above his head, Archangel Michael holds a sword large and powerful enough to slay any injustice. He is strong yet lithe, with his right hand and arm easily holding his sword aloft. His features are fine, embodying and offering both masculine and feminine aspects. He has nothing to prove, but is available to any of us who request his presence. His write-up in the book accompanying the card deck is as follows:

Confidence - St. Michael, the Archangel

Archangel Michael is with you, shoring up your confidence so that you can fearlessly face (and even enjoy) the tasks before you. This archangel is protecting you against negativity, helping you to remain optimistic and filled with faith, and ensuring that only people and situations of high integrity come to you.

Have confidence in God's power to keep you safe and secure. As you enter into a new phase of your life, it is natural to feel intimidated by change. You may worry whether you are prepared and qualified for what's ahead of you. Remember, though, that God will not bring you anything that you are unable to do. Heaven also ensures that you have powerful companions, such as Archangel Michael to help you in all ways.

Archangels are the overseers of our personal guardian angels, and Michael's name means "He who is like God." He's described in both biblical testaments as a prince, and depicted as fighting against lower energy in order to protect us all. Many people report miraculous rescues and protection as a result of calling upon him, and for that reason, he's a patron saint of police officers, security guards and sailors. St. Michael, the Archangel, will help you feel safe and confident if you call upon him.

For the first time since we were seven years old, we called out for Archangel Michael to come to us. We know that if we ask, we shall receive - whatever it is that we request. It is within that tiny slice, between giving and receiving that we create. Too much of one or too little of the other and we halt creation. As in love, the more we give, the more we receive. The more love we give to our self, and our collective selves, the happier we shall be.

As we write this, we just returned from watering the back lawn. It was exhilarating to be outside, in the hot sun. When we were through watering, we adjusted the nozzle to a fine spray and let the cold-water fall upon our body. Later, we meditated as we await our lover's return. When finally with her, we closed our eyes and allowed our breath to become open and effortless. Then, we tried to speak the words, "Archangel Michael". Instead, we uttered "Marc Antony". As you will recall, in classical times, Marc Antony was the Cleopatra's Roman lover. As we know from before, there is a connection between that couple and us. With our lover, that is a subject to explore another day.

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