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Seven Mile, on the Potash Branch, near Moab, Utah.The last known image of the Moab Burro, while at Seven Mile.The Moab Burro, driving itself away from Seven Mile, near Moab, Utah.Plush Kokopelli and Coney the Traffic Cone searcing in vain for the Moab Burro at Seven Mile, near Moab, Utah.
The Great Burro Crane Mystery
This chapter occurs at the map location below.
Moab, UT

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The Great Burro Crane Mystery

At Seven Mile, the Moab Burro Goes Missing...

Moab, UT, December 20, 2014 Author: Jim McGillis

It was quiet at Moab Ranch; too quiet. Moabbey the Coyote could not find another living soul. After searching from room to room, he finally found Silver Girl.

"Where are Coney and Kokopelli?" he asked.

"Coney", she replied, "was mumbling something about going out to Seven Mile. He heard that the Moab Burro was missing from there. He thought that Kokopelli might help him find it."

Moabbey looked startled. "The Moab Burro has been standing on a railroad siding out by the Union Pacific Railroad Potash Branch for years. Where would it go?"

"Beats me." Silver Girl replied. "But if anyone can find the Moab Burro, it will be Plush Kokopelli, not Coney the Traffic Cone".

Meanwhile, out at Seven Mile, Coney and Kokopelli were not having any luck. They had looked everywhere at the intersection of U.S. Highway 191 North and Utah Highway 313, near the entrance to Seven Mile Canyon.

Coney looked concerned. "Last time we were out here, the Moab Burro was right over there, on that railroad siding. He had a pile of old railroad ties nearby and some sections of old bent-up rail that he had replaced. If he had not repaired the Potash Branch, the Train of Pain might have derailed and spilled nuclear waste all over the New Industrial Desert."

Kokopelli, as was his tradition, said nothing. He did, however raise an eyebrow and smile.

Coney &
 Kokopelli looking for the missing Moab Burro at Seven Mile.
Coney, not noticing Kokopelli's sly smile, jumped to the worst conclusion he could think of. "You don't suppose that the Moab Burro got contaminated by nuclear waste from the Moab Pile and ran away, do you?"

As Kokopelli remained silent, Coney went into despair. "The Moab Burro may be out there somewhere, riding on the railroad tracks of America, lost, hurt or even worse, contaminated with nuclear waste."

While considering such horrible news, Coney stumbled and then sat down by the railroad tracks. In mock sympathy, Kokopelli sat down too and then reclined against Coney. The Moab Burro was gone, but that was all that Coney knew. As the sun set at Seven Mile, Coney remained motionless, deep in thought. Then he said quietly, "This may be the Great Burro Crane Mystery."

Of course, Kokopelli knew exactly where the Moab Burro had gone, but he did not plan to help Coney solve the mystery. He thought it would be much more fun if Coney had to figure that out for himself.

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