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Finding Her
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Simi Valley, CA

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Finding Her

Recognizing Her, When Your Find Her

Simi Valley, CA, June 6, 2007 Author: JMichael

Dear Carrie,

According to national studies, almost none of us get the amount of sleep that we need. It seems that there is always something keeping us up at night, whether it is our chores, the TV or an affectionate mate putting their amorous moves on us.

Occasionally we receive the great luxury of awakening in the morning, then 5 - to realize that we do not need to arise right away. If it is quiet, we may drift away into an unknown land, where nothing matters and there are no worldly cares. There we stay, safe, warm and secure in our own suspended animation.

"You were sleeping so soundly", she said. I had been, until her soft voice awakened me. My eyes opened and her image filled my mind. Sleep state, dream state, awakening of my consciousness; I experienced them all.

As I raised my head, I realized it was you, dressed and ready for work. It may have flashed through both our minds, "What am I doing here?"

As your image came into focus, I realized that you are my love and I belong here with you. My awkward feelings of vulnerability vanished. Allowing such a beautiful image to enter into my reality left me in awe of you.

A beautiful woman can be a challenge. Most men dream about Her, talk about Her, trade emails with pictures of Her, "read" magazines showing pictures of Her and watch TV shows showing rapidly-scanned images of Her. Some men read or write books or poems about Her, creating the perfect image of Her in their minds.

After years of such wanking and hankering, to most men, the physical reality of Her becomes secondary. Only when attending public gatherings, parties or while making a transaction at the bank, might one come briefly into contact with a real, physical Her.

Each of those encounters serves to remind a man that She is there, but not there for him. Unable to help himself, his heart fires off another small rocket of desire. It is the desire to be with Her always.

At about the time he gives up and is ready to relegate his affection to a pile of pictures, she appears his life and awakens him to the beauty in this world. Only then does he remember the value of holding on to his dreams until they do come true.



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