Jim McGillis

About Jim McGillis

Author and consultant Jim McGillis was born in Los Angeles, California, raised in nearby Burbank and graduated from UCLA. During the course of his career, Jim worked in retailing, aerospace, systems sales, executive recruiting and more recently as an author and consultant.

Jim McGillis
Jim McGillis

Jim's first published book, titled "WindSong", in honor of his classic 1970 Ericson 35 sailboat, is available as an eBook, online at JamesMcGillis.com.

Jim's second book, titled "The Self-Directed Job Search" is available as an eBook at his executive recruiting website, Meditsearch.com.

In 1965, during his first visit to the Four Corners states of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico and Colorado, Jim discovered a great affinity for the history, culture and geography of the Southwestern United States.  In the past five years, Jim traveled and lived in each of those states for extended periods.  His photo journalism about those and many other subjects is available for you to review at JamesMcGillis.com.

In 2008, Jim launched a new internet portal focused on his favorite town of Moab, Utah. With over sixty sample Moab-named websites previewed there, there you will discover many pages of unique and contemporary information regarding Moab and all of Southeastern Utah. Featuring both a live Moab Webcam and a live Moab Newsfeed, you will find Jim's new Moab web portal at MoabLive.com.

In 2009, Jim launched MoabJim.com, where you will find unique, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind items for sale.

Since the non-fiction genre can be limiting, Jim decided to publish his (and the world's first) interactive online novel.  Among other things, it focuses on The Four Corners states and the Old Spanish Trail, which once stretched from Santa Fe, New Mexico to Los Angeles, California.

To contact Jim about his writing or any other subject, please send an email to him at jim@jimmcgillis.com.